Reviews for "Go Go Plant 2"

The first game is great, I like this one better simply because the overall atmosphere is more joyful, the gameplay is pretty much the same so I can't say much about that, although I should comment that the route B doesn't really add anything to the game, it's just an alternative level but with the same story and ending.

Wiesi responds:

Thank you! And yeah, you're probably right with the route B. :)

darn you hitboxeeees *dies* otherwise,great game.

Dang, this is one addictive game! I think the main thing about it is just how much is going on. You really have to keep up with everything! Then again, that is just story mode. The music and sounds are great too. I can always count on you to have new and unique games!

My biggest problem is forgetting how to punch. I kept thinking it was the space button. I guess I just have the memorize the level. That really is the best way to do it. It takes awhile to tunnel after pushing the button.

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for the review! :)

Again, the story, the gameplay, everything....Is GOD-LIKE!!!!


Beet arcae mode on first try.
Fun fun.