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Reviews for "Abusive Review Guide"


Now I know what not to do! Thanks! But one question, how is flagging reviews risky? If you wrongfully flag one what will happen?

You get a 10 for the facts and a -5 for being a snitch! lol, jk

RohantheBarbarian responds:

If you flag a review which is deemed to be not abusive by a review mod, then they will not delete it, and you will get negative whistle points, meaning you could end up with a Garbage whistle. Hence you have to be careful to just flag what is 100% abusive, i.e. the types of review I demonstrated (blam reviews etc.)

Thanks for reviewing.

Thanks for the tips

I've been here for almost a year but never touched the whistle. I was to nervous. Guess I should try now!

RohantheBarbarian responds:

I'm glad you found this useful, and thanks for reviewing!

excellent guide

This will keep people from getting garbage whistle hopefully

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Thanks for the review. That's the goal anyway, I've had Garbage twice before and it sucks bigtime. I'm glad to get the seal of approval from someone with a Deity whistle!


i didnt know what the whistle was at first but now that i saw this i know what it is and how to "use" it! thanks much! you put good detail in it! good job!

RohantheBarbarian responds:

You my friend are the type of person I want this to reach. I know some people think this is no better than the FAQ, but I will confess that when I was a newbie I still didn't understand even after reading it (the FAQ). So I'm glad that this is more comprehensible.

Thank you for reviewing!

It was ok

Well this was notbad and if it can help people its cool, i was suprised that this type of flash would be your first though? most peoples first flash are some random works while this one tells me you have been here longer then one thinks, anyways you could improve on this such as the simple colors and shades could be abit better maybe more depth to each color and some improved looking buttons wouldnt hurt either, anyways nice tutorial.

Add more depth to the color, and some new buttons,

Decent tutorial


RohantheBarbarian responds:

Thanks for the review! I know the presentation wasn't fantastic, but compared to some first submissions it's not all that bad. But if I do make another flash I will be sure to improve on the visual aspect significantly.