Reviews for "Madness Ultimate Collab 2"

Better than the last:

This deserves a 5/10. Some parts were OK, but there were many inconsistent aspects.

Comics: Unfunny. Too much tthought put into the jokes.
7isunlucky: Stiff and slow. Good use of Z-axis for animation.
Gabriel #1: Very Sttiff. Odd feet movement. Ending was funny.
Gabriel #2: Good falls, good shooting, bad jumps. Use more momentum in the jumps.
3rd Piece (Unnamed): Missing feet, stolen sprites, but decently animated.
Delamortes: Good, fluid animation. Good falls. Good 3d perspective.
Wizzi #1: 0 Animation. Simply unfunny text and an unfunny plot. Complete garbage.
Wizzi #2: OK animation. Characters could have been less hunched over for a more threatening appearance. Bad physics.
Johanesson #1: LOL@ FPS Doug. Lots of tweens and generally slow.
Johanesson #2: Funny, but animation was REALLY poor.
Kzikzy: Stiff. Very few parts moving. Try to trajectorize gun flips more and to move the character even when in place.
11th Part (Unamed): Very slow. OK animation. Funny ending.
Nuttro: Characters could have moved about more. Good footwork. Excellent shooting. Reactions were a tad aloof, however.
13th Part (Unnamed): Obviously unfinished. 0 kills and no plot. Just looked like a walking test.
Delamortes #2: Excellent. Great use of full-body animation and easing. I loved the MC8 Shield-Shotgun effect. Walking was very Krinkels-esque which is extremely hard.
15th Part (YK Blaze???): I think I remember that scene from the trailer. Mouth was awkward. Practice drawing them more to get a cool looking mouth. Also, try to avoid walking with one foot at a time.
Wizzi #3: OK walking and OK falls. Getting better.
Nuttro #2: I loved the axe throwback. Very well-animated (except for the exit from the stage).
Johanesson: Every was stiff and odd. Use more keyframes and use onion skinning for physics assistance.
7isUnlucky #2: An old test. I won't review it.
Delamortes #3: Oh God! Lol! I loved the joke. Animation was a bit choppy when he fell though. Could have done more with it. Black COCK.
Gabriel Finale: Physics were really off in that one. Feet came noticeably off the body. I did like the telekinetic fight and the ending for their comic value. The googly-eyed Gabriel was worth a chuckle as well.

This is harsh constructive criticism, but constructive criticism all the same. If you mark this abusive, then you're messed up.

GabrielBarsch responds:

the yk-blaze animation is the 3rd part

you have always constructive criticism to give me, unfortunately are not always very positive, keep on in my animations


I laughed the most at Nuttro's. Simple but very funny!

Good job guys.

Very nice collab dudes X3

Awesome work you lot :D

Nice tribute

I loved Delamortes and grabriel parts !
the beggining was the best, then few parts were too random.
usually i dont like madness tribute :P


nice collab!! all of it was awsome! especially the last part when the two guys were fighting over the magnum, i loled. great work :) fived.

GabrielBarsch responds:

that 2 guys are me and my brother