Reviews for "Madness Ultimate Collab 2"


i hate when YK got it first T_T

well i got sad :(

GabrielBarsch responds:

donĀ“t worry, maybe in next time

Very good

Very good flash there are some people I wouldnt accpect in my collab but I wasnt in charge over all ver good

get the hell outta here !!

This was the greatest love ive ever been given!!!! I loved this!!

dont listen to the other guys here

that was kick ass!!!
make more!!!!!
you rule!!!!!!!!

GabrielBarsch responds:

wow thanks man


It was okay, but there's a bit of a problem with the author's thing. 7IsUnlucky is definitely not 14 years old. It may say he is on his Newgrounds profile, but I'm pretty sure he only put that as his age so he could say he was older than me >.> But it's kind of stupid cause I remember him telling me he was 11 a year ago... Besides, he certainly doesn't act like it :P

Now, onto the collab itself. Some of the shorts were a bit choppy and looked like the blood splatters were done with the line tool in MS Paint (Johannesson) However, I could find about 5 or 6 smoothly animated shorts in there. Another thing I have to complain about is that some of the shorts didn't have logos. Which is why for some of you I can't single you out and tell you it was good or bad. It would be to your own advantage, because then you'll be able to improve.