Reviews for "Madness Ultimate Collab 2"

My eyes they feel like burnings!!!!!!!

Everything was fail apart from the following:
and Delamortes who was clearly epic.

This just shouldn't of happened, the music was clearly a copy of Neurosis 3.
Delamortes made me give this a 3 he is epic.
uhh no more plz bai.


very mixed ability, i think.
hey nuttro:3

Half of this collab Fails,

Do to the lack of the laziest Artist who can't Spare the Time to Put there name on the v_Cam, half of these collab parts i can't even know which one is motherfucking which! But Gabriel used his V_cam with his name on it and he wasn't lazy to even take off his name. am Surprised Overall 7/10 P.S Learn how to Put your name on your v_cam,


lol there are some retarded parts in that like when the guy threw the hammer and it came right back to him. but, it was really funny in some parts. nice music at the main menu.


well i am not evil but i have to be that now xD

some things was just SHIT and other things were YEEAYYY >.<


Anyway Have a great time