Reviews for "Madness Ultimate Collab 2"

You missing someone

You should've asked Tasers to join the collab so he could add some enlightenment.


Sorry I still haven't reviewed this, but...Hey, wait. I'm reviewing something I helped submit!!! What the hell?

Really Good!

I liked it it is funny!


whata great collab.

GabrielBarsch responds:



no it sucked. it was relly crapped animated and not entertaining or even goodly drawn. it was one good animator and he's the reason I didn't give it a big 0. it was Delamortes. he's got talent so stop joining noobs Delamortes! you have talent you should be in better collabs like neurosis or agitation. you will probably raise the score too 3,87. you have a talent. don't waste it!
animaton: 3/10
drawing: 4/10
story: 2/10

overall 2/10
I know you work hard gabriel, but don't submit until you get better in drawing and animaton. and stop hating others! just cuz they're better and crisize you!!!
and Johanesson, stop being ''lazy'' and get some work done!! you suck if you continue being ''lazy''
Delamortes go add some other collab then Gabriels he suck!!! it will make your score and animatons down-voted.