Reviews for "Madness Ultimate Collab 2"


I liked it but it could be better if you keep working on it then you will be better just keep trying


delamortes pwnd´s again!

GabrielBarsch responds:

how he can pwnd again if it is the first of my collabs of he join to ?

lightsabers rule

im gunna make madness mod 3 and i want 2 make it w/ lightsabers so any1 of u can give me permission?

lol ooooooooook xD

kinda weird but you deserve 10 and a 5

Some of the parts were mediocre....

...but the parts that weren't were excellent. I would've given you some lecture about being original but since this is a madness day submission I'll keep my yap shut.

If you ever make another one, please keep those crap while background shorts out.