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Reviews for "Pokemon Deep Purple ep.01"

Was mildy entertaining, but MY GROD THE PACING. Felt as if I was going to nod off. If you do make a part 2, speed it up a bit, and maybe eliminate the key pushing to continue dialogue, most people on this site can read decently fast.

dude, not funny..

like, its good animation although, as others have said very very slow. and i got so bored during the magikarp fight i just shut it off. seriously needs better jokes and a faster pace, otherwise it just gets boring.

Eurritimia responds:

you have to watch until the end... :(

Very boring, needs some retooling.

Being a fan of the game, I was that much more disappointed with this flash. While I know the text was super slow intentionally, but it made me lose interest very very fast. It's very hard to have patients for a flash that doesn't deliver any funny material for several minutes. I'll give you 2 stars for the creative idea and the live game feel. But you need to rework this...

Start the funny text much much earlier. Scrap the interactivity, just keep the flash going without anyone having to put any buttons. Also, make all the text instant, no super-slow or super-fast.

Eurritimia responds:

Actually I wanted to do a joke about speed texts and the interactivity, but I promise I won't do it again on next episodes.

good but bad

I think it's nice try, but it was so slow and boring... I yawned 3 times watching this :(
Perhaps short flash game or Pokemon hack would be better idea.
Y'know, you wait too long and no action.

Eurritimia responds:

Humm... A pokémon game is not a bad idea, the problem of that I would need to do some AS script and don't want to mess up that, it's too complicated.

So ya.

I guess the idea was ok, but it's not very original at all though. It's very slow and seemed to go at a very slow pace. Maybe if it was faster and more original it would be worth watching.