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Reviews for "Pokemon Deep Purple ep.01"

...i hope he got the pokeball back

what kind of an idiot would use his only master ball on a magikarp...and he even had to go to town...anyway...oh well...atleast he admited he was stupid >.<

Eurritimia responds:

hahahha! you got the joke!
the trainer and his mom were hungry so he needed to get something to eat! I'll tell you he lost his masterball forever for being so stupid.


Was decent, Increase Frame Rate, by like 2x and you be set. Was really slow.

A Great Start

A Great start, but there are things in the pokemon universe that are really annoying. Some suggests, try to get the graphics to flow more evenly, and see about some of those repetitive sounds. The music archive on Newgrounds has lots of Poke-themed songs to sub in and all you need is permission and credit. You can poke fun at the original while being more creative (and easier on the ears, ouch!).

Eurritimia responds:

The music was a problem here, I couldn't find music for Veridiana Town... and I have a personal preference for RBY musics than RGLF ones.



Make it faster any slower and 2008 will be over.

The jokes where good and the story was ok. Strictly speaking, if you beat the Elite 4, why did you walk? You could've ran.

Eurritimia responds:

hahahahahahha! I haven't thought that! Maybe he lost his running shoes...