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Reviews for "Pokemon Deep Purple ep.01"

nice movie

if thats ya real team, thats pretty awesome. any way, keep on makin these

Eurritimia responds:

yeah, that's my real team! the only difference is that I didn't waste my masterball catching a magikarp.

Not sure when the 2nd part will come, but it'll take some time.


Funny, but a little slow like a lag.

Eurritimia responds:



it was a bit slow but MORE EPISODES!!!

Eurritimia responds:

okay, I'll do more! (don't know when I'll finish it, but I'll do it)

Helluva slow

Very funny, good jokes, but you need to make sure the FPS is 24 because it looked very choppy and slow. It also needed a few more sound effects.

Eurritimia responds:

24? I was doing at 12 fps... ^_^

...i hope he got the pokeball back

what kind of an idiot would use his only master ball on a magikarp...and he even had to go to town...anyway...oh well...atleast he admited he was stupid >.<

Eurritimia responds:

hahahha! you got the joke!
the trainer and his mom were hungry so he needed to get something to eat! I'll tell you he lost his masterball forever for being so stupid.