Reviews for "Samson the Foolish"


Exellent job, I like the way you animated it.

I gotta say...

I dig your style man. Animation wise that is.
I also loved the retelling of the story of Samson the way you did, was delicious and entertaining until the very end.
Only thing I request, is that the voices were just a teeny tiny bit louder and the animation a teeny tiny bit smoother, but other than that...Amazing.
You sir...must do more.
Or I'll cut off your hair.


I'm happy to see that people haven't forgotten about Biblical stories :D good job!


i love thease you have talent! i love your movies :] i really apretiate someone who can create a good story on here


lol u kept the story prety good except how his hair grew back and it gave him strength......what ever you still make it awsome