Reviews for "Samson the Foolish"

overall good but

the one thing i love about that story is the fact that he loved his wife so much that he actually would have done anything for her. like after she cut his hair he woke up and she apologized and he told her everything was ok and not to worry she didnt do anything wrong and he still loved her. on here it was put out there like she was some random whore who convinced him over a good b/j lol
then the last bit about the pillers thing was like it was put out there like everyone laughin at him and when he went over to the pillers everyone just thought he was just cowering away then he pwned them all .
this was all my p.o.v. but still good work and hope to see others :)


Great Voice acting, Great story, Great animation ... Great JEOERB

Excellent Work

It had humor, good art, nice voice acting, and it was all put well into place. The humor was a bit blank or dull, but knowledge of the Biblical Story of Samson would have you chuckling a bit. It good how you put a little present time freshness in it. I liked it and I'm glad to haved watched it. It was worth the time to watch it. It was overall a great peice. I don't really have anything important to say on the negative side. Very nice work.

Not bad.

It wasn't really my humor or taste of parody. BUT, it was a fair bit of work AND it was good to hear aussie voices (which made no sense but whatever I never hear fellow aussies on NG). So I biased 8.

not that good

it bored me but bisede that it was great