Reviews for "Samson the Foolish"


Really enjoyed this one. Nice follow up (finally)! Voices were great. Liked the reference to the Ghoul & the Girl too.
So what's next?!

It was good

It was good but not brilliant


It was good, a little on the quick side, but it was still really good

good flash, but not completly accurate....

Ok, you did a very good job on this flash...but if you are going to use a Biblical based theme, please get it accurate......Sampson did not ask for the strength to get revenge for his two eyes.....he asked God to give it to him so he may defeat his enemys, he repented before God......Im only trying to help......so besides that, you have a very good flash....I give you props....

Reminds me of Veggie Tales.

A great recreation of exactly what happened in the bible. It's also exactly like Veggie Tales, except instead of being produce, they have accents. You should consider doing more stories, and making them into flashes if you can find the time.