Reviews for "Samson the Foolish"

love the way you did this!

light hearted way to tell the story, love the humor, also, thanx i enjoyed this alot! goin in my faves!

Sam I Am

The story was very well told and I am very familiar with this Samson story because well that is where my parents got my name. Anyways the animation was very well done and the voice acting was superb.

Great Work!

I loved the story and the artwork, I couldn't care less about the animation.
That was great!!!

The art is fantastic. You've got some great talent there.
You also have an appealing sense of humor.
All your toons are great so far. I'm becoming a big fan.

Top notch stuff

The animation wasn't groundbreaking, but it was stylistic and impossible to unappreciate.
Most excellent, though, was the narrative. I may be no subscriber to Christianity, but you did a superb job of keeping me interested to expand what little I already knew about Samson.

I enjoyed this thoroughly, and hope to see more from you in the future.