Reviews for "Jack McHavoc Ep1"

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This is great material, keep making more!

I like it

The animation was really smooth. 5


that twaz pretty sweet,
you can tell alot of hard work went into this!
well done man, i really enjoyed that.
Cant wait for the next/


mate, that was outstanding, even with you're transfer from stickmen, you've been able to maintain that beautifully animated motion. It was incredibly well animated and the different shots you used like the first person view was really innovative, i can't wait for the next one!
10/10 & fav'd ;)

Awesome job

Whoa, I thought you gave up on animation completely!

Anyway, good choice on using the leaked version of Miami rather than the album version! Good animation, good action scenes.

Good job, I want to see more, and quick! But remember... Haste Killed Creativity. :P