Reviews for "Jack McHavoc Ep1"

magic revolvers don't need reloading!!!

awesome song, u should keep doing that, it fits the style. the one thing that needs polishing is the drawings. some men looked all blocky and i think some even changed shapes between scenes. i didnt like the fact the jack's arms looked like sticks. overall, i think that maybe a future episode might make its way into my faves list. it was pretty damn good


Its kinda like a flash cowboy bebop, eh? I like the punky feel.

Also it was weird because it felt like I was watching you get better at animating as the movie went, great non the less!

Cant wait for the next part!


this is really fuckin good. great frame by frame work. good choice of music. exciting. kept my attention. lookin forward to episode 2.

kudos, yo

That was cool

That was really cool. The graphics and the style of the movie was really cool, and the music went really well with what was happening. Can't wait for the next episode :D


but hes carring revolvers not once did he reload