Reviews for "Jack McHavoc Ep1"


This was pretty good, although I would've liked a bit more story to it rather than "bang, bang. running. bang, bang". The music was good too.

Animation at it's finest

You took a worn out concept (one guy vs. multiple enemies) and gave it a fresh new look that was actually quite visually appealing
kept me entertained from start to finish
can't wait for the next one, the only thing I was hoping for was a bit more of the story
I believe you will easily satisfy those needs in the next installment!
nice job

holy god

You don't know me, but I definitely know you and I'm a big fan. I've always loved watching your animations from a long time ago and this was a huge treat for me. Awesome animation.


i really enjoyed this, it has the potential to be a great series on newgrouns.. origonal and great animation with a great idea. all it needs is a little story.. give your characters a voice!


Well Done.

You're a very good animator, the animation was great.

But, it's boring to see people shoot each other over and over again on newgrounds. It gets boring and it's unoriginal.