Reviews for "Jack McHavoc Ep1"


3 guys.... 3 auto's.... one hallway, one hero, he dances! I closed.

Blue2 responds:

Well you're silly aren'tcha

great job

that was really good.
enjoyed it alot but i did notice some things in the begining that looked a bit chat but it seemd to me that ur style was developing as u were making this because comparing the begining to the end the end half was great.
so yea no constructive critisism here besides maybe detailing ur backgrounds a little and adding a little more shadow into the charachters and there weps...
really good keep it up



that was some fluid animation, combined with awesome cinematography and one of the best shooter scenes ive ever seen. it must have taken alot of time effort and patience, i love it! mabeys some more detailed backgorunds? i really cant wait for the next one- brilliant job!


Ugly characters and too much shooting without a story. I don't like much.


Liked it all but im not a fan of that music.