Reviews for "Jack McHavoc Ep1"


it was ok but i dont like the music so i dont like it that much but good work on the show

Nice music choice!

Awesome. I love that song. I wish more people would make videos with Against Me music.


Pretty cool done, but this reminded me of playing CS against bots on easy when I was 8yo ^^ The guy is a little too invincible you know. Some rough edges in the animation, but still I say nicely done since I'm not able to recreate anything like this =P


the animation was great
the fighting felt intense
the gun noises sounded very real
the song kinda bugged me after awhile :P
all in all it was spectacular, very well done

amazing as always!

somehow you amaze me multiple times with your creativity...a guy with two revolvers killing USA soldiers(well kinda..) very cool the violence in it pleased me im looking forward to Jack mchavoc 2 and you??

Blue2 responds:

USA soldiers?!?! never! It's sort of a closed off-secular-somewhat-fantasy type idea; 2 cities warring rather than a country thing. thanks for your review and for being excited! :)