Reviews for "Jack McHavoc Ep1"


mate, that was outstanding, even with you're transfer from stickmen, you've been able to maintain that beautifully animated motion. It was incredibly well animated and the different shots you used like the first person view was really innovative, i can't wait for the next one!
10/10 & fav'd ;)

two words: perfect ownage

due, you're absalutely improving your work, 'cause going from stick action to actual 3d action must be quite a challange. awesome clip, awesome music, and awesome plot, but... i gotta agree that a magnum .44 (six shots per gun) gotta be reloaded more often.
btw, loved the first person view! nice job on it, and keep it up!

Pretty Decent, but Stupidly unrealistic.

the movie itself was pretty good, but the fact of a guy with two 6 bullet guns which he didn't reload quite enough, owning an army of soldiers with semi-automatic guns in an open area just made absolutely no sense.

Otherwise, great movie, I'll be looking forward to part two to see why the hell that was happening anyway.



crap that was awesome!!!!


Overall this was a good animation, but I personally do not like action sequences like this. The main character has 100% accuracy and the enemies have 0% accuracy. It takes away from the tension if in an open area an army of people with automatic rifles cannot hit one person.

Also, bad music choice.

Still, I added you to my favorite artists, I would like to see more from you.