Reviews for "Jack McHavoc Ep1"

Pretty Cool

You have pretty good animation and drawing skills even though you get lazy at some points. Here are the things you did best and need to work on:

- Work on your backrounds. They are much too bland.

- When you did the 1st person view that was AWESOME - very cool and very good job... do more of that

- Your hero seems to be able to run foward into oncoming fire... and they are shooting him for like 5-10 secs at least while he's running straight at them without one bullet hitting. Make this more realistic - either show him somehow awesomely dodging the bullets or don't have him run straight into fire. But whatever you do - don't make it so unrealistic that you just show him running into fire and the enemy missing. That's lame.

- You had alot of good ideas to keep the flash interesting. The grenades, the first person view, the alleyway, everything else. Very innovative. Keep doing that.

The one question I have for you is, will there be a plot? Just wondering.

yeah yeahyeah

this is cool only cuz against me's in it >:)

Front Page!

This is great material, keep making more!

Very not bad

Good job kid. It was pretty good by my standards, which are pretty low, but I still liked it.

Well done

Your animation was very fluid and your attention to cinematic detail was awesome. You were not afraid to experiment with many different, and sometimes unique, angles. This makes it hard as an artist but really enhances the experience for the viewer. I think the movie tells a good story by itself, without a lot of dialogue. You obviously spent alot of time thinking this animation through before you sat down to create it. I tip my hat to you and look forward to more high quality submissions from you in the future.