Reviews for "RUNNN!!"

nice try but...

it could have been better. the animation was lacking and really, really simple.
thats not necessarily a bad thing but i didnt feel like i was getting the full experience . the song choice was poor. mostly because i get sick of hearing that song so much. keep trying and good luck with your flashes.

for an animation

it was alright, I think the real problem was the song choice, because it din't really go well with the mood, well not entirely well with the mood. Also it didn't really sinc up well. I'll be honest though the whole design looked like it could be a rad game. If you ever get around to it you should turn this into a game. That indeed would be awesome. but for now i'm givin you a 2/5. good luck.

MasterNoud responds:

Sorry that you don't like it.
I hope that you like my next movie. ^^