Reviews for "RUNNN!!"


This Movie was great! Maybe you can turn this into a game! Oh and work on the title a bit :P


Shit man why was the little guy eaten bu that dinosaur....In fact the movie and music are the best!


I loved it, I don't know why but I did lol! You get a 5/5 and a 10/10 from me lol.

MasterNoud responds:

:P wow
When i upload this movie on newgrounds, i don't realise that someone gave me a 10
AND 5/5 but now i'm looking to my reviews i see 2 of them!!
I'm happy!! Because you like it =D

thnx XD


Now then, this is the kind of stuff that I find fascinating. Really nice simple work, but the important thing is you used your own imagination to create something. No need for dialogue, it was spoken well through the use of music. You created a tiny character that I was rooting for and it was sad when the guy got eaten. I liked the twists and turns, always wondering what was going to happen next.

Animation was very simplistic, but very effective for this type of animation. I look forward to your next project with relish.

MasterNoud responds:

Thnx man!!
my other movies are shit... ^^
But on this movie I work hard!!
And I'm proud that you like it.

you have style!!

yes, you got it! :))
I repeat...you are young, but you are too talented!!!!
the story was sad yeah, but it was original, and I enjoyed everyminute of it!
you will have a brilliant career as movie maker ! :D
gonna see your other flash works!

MasterNoud responds:

thanks!! :D
I love your music :P
yeah I wanna be a animator xPp