Reviews for "RUNNN!!"

Thats Not A Happy Ending! :(

This was pretty cool! Its not my style of music, but it was good! I found some flaws in your animation though, like when he splashed into the water, and when he fell into the fire, and also when the sea monster was chasing the guy. It was great though, nice work! :)

The music wasn't that good

This would ahve been a lot better if different songs had been used. It's about action, and the songs are just so dull and plain. Try using more fast paced music.

ssooorta goood......but

the movie was sorta good, the ending sucked... and the running anim was......lame...just a couple of other things

1) when he jumped off the cliff into the water... it kinda just appeared there
2) swimming anim might hav been the best, except that he sorta swam at a weird angle after he started swiming in an upward direction
3) The monster just ... appears behind him... and yeah


Shit man why was the little guy eaten bu that dinosaur....In fact the movie and music are the best!


This Movie was great! Maybe you can turn this into a game! Oh and work on the title a bit :P