Reviews for "RUNNN!!"


Now then, this is the kind of stuff that I find fascinating. Really nice simple work, but the important thing is you used your own imagination to create something. No need for dialogue, it was spoken well through the use of music. You created a tiny character that I was rooting for and it was sad when the guy got eaten. I liked the twists and turns, always wondering what was going to happen next.

Animation was very simplistic, but very effective for this type of animation. I look forward to your next project with relish.

MasterNoud responds:

Thnx man!!
my other movies are shit... ^^
But on this movie I work hard!!
And I'm proud that you like it.

awww poor little guy

i felt so bad for the little guy with no arms i mean cmon cant a guy go for a walk without getting chased by square pacmans. =D
But in all seriousness it wasnt that bad of a job but you could have made a better choice of songs.

MasterNoud responds:

Happy Ending when he goes to die ^^
I thought that's a good idea!! xD

for an animation

it was alright, I think the real problem was the song choice, because it din't really go well with the mood, well not entirely well with the mood. Also it didn't really sinc up well. I'll be honest though the whole design looked like it could be a rad game. If you ever get around to it you should turn this into a game. That indeed would be awesome. but for now i'm givin you a 2/5. good luck.

MasterNoud responds:

Sorry that you don't like it.
I hope that you like my next movie. ^^


I loved it, I don't know why but I did lol! You get a 5/5 and a 10/10 from me lol.

MasterNoud responds:

:P wow
When i upload this movie on newgrounds, i don't realise that someone gave me a 10
AND 5/5 but now i'm looking to my reviews i see 2 of them!!
I'm happy!! Because you like it =D

thnx XD

It was good

This flash was well made. No complaints in particular. It was good to me.