Reviews for "Mona"

Is it wrong I actually found this sortuve funny?

I like the animation and the premise seemed funny and was really quite interesting. I was like some opium induced renaissance artisan orgy. That's the only way to describe it. Next time add some sound, that really would have helped.

Ansel responds:

isn't the music enough?


Tha was certainly unique. Pretty funny though.

Revenge is a dish best served...


Ansel responds:



Not only does this short lack any discernible plot-line, the animation is jerky. I'm not sure how one person started this and another person finished it, to me it look sas though you spent a good 30 minutes slamming your face on your keyboard before attempting to pull this little film out of your nether region. PLease think before posting uselesss junk on the portal.

Ansel responds:

what do you mean it lacks a discernible plot line? There's a clear sequence of events interrupted only by a short intermission. Shouldn't be difficult to figure out what's happening. :/

and yeah i did actually spend about a half hour slamming my face onto my desk. It stimulates the brain you see

I think it's pretty nice.

It's funny, but a little voice acting would do the thing.

PS. Are you a YTP member ;)?

Ansel responds:

unfortunately, I'm not. I do enjoy a good ytp now and again though