Reviews for "The Magik Pencil 2"

Acting Needs Improvment.

Animation was ok, not very smooth at all, you could have done better. That being said, your acting also wasn't that great either. You could tell it was staged. And you kind of just made yourself look stupid :/. I think you should also make it high quality, not sure if flash can handle that but, try. I saw you did say something above about that. This just needs work.


I love when someone can mix Live with animated, and well. Thank you.

good stuff

I thought the concept was great, but im very sorry to say your acting skills need improvement. that said it must be very hard to act and react to something that doesnt actually exist. so i commend you for that. you must of looked a right tit while filming!

I Lol'd

Really funny, i'd like to have a magik pencil. ^^ :p

oh my god

that was great awesome, i surely wanna see more of that. and who was the girl?

NG-Yoka responds:

If you catch it, when I'm on the phone, I say "My best friend is coming over." that would be her.