Reviews for "factory balls"

Simple yet fun

This game was surprisingly addictive and fun. I wish there were more levels though.


Lol funtaining. Yeah that was cute :D A bit challenging but in the fun easy way. Nice ball making LOL! :D hehe sorry. XOXOXO Great gameplay, graphics, angles, all that. Perfect 10. Cheers!


I really like this game because it is so simple, yet one of the most addicting games I have ever played. You really made me think with this one, but it is a fantastic adventure to play. I thought the early levels were more fun than the later ones, but probably because they were the only ones I cold beat. Congrats on your award too, you deserve it. And you got top five for games! Congratulations again! Which collection would you like me to submit this to? I would think Puzzles, but is there a different on? ANyway, keep up the great work and congratulations on all your awards!


smart game and creative one
fav and 10 :)


I really enjoyed this game, its a bit addictive, i have played it so many times. Every thing has sound exept for when the balls go in the box, but oh well! Keep up the good work.