Reviews for "factory balls"


Good game lol, but it really needs more gadgets on the the levels man. If ya did that it would be an awsome game lol!

Fun fun!

It took me two tries to beat the game but I did it. The first time I wasn't sure what to do so I just threw a bunch of balls in the recycle bin. It truly is an original game and i loved it. Simple yet challenging. Great job.

Good game

SImple but fun, as everybody is saying! It's just so random at the end though, you just wait after the text stops coming, and more comes along! I like it!

Simple yet fun

This game was surprisingly addictive and fun. I wish there were more levels though.

Warning!!!HIghly addictive!!!

dude this game is ROCK!!!!!
highly addictive!!!

u should make a sequel for this game