Reviews for "factory balls"

Good game. Restarting sucks.

It's a really interesting and fun game to play. I really like figuring out what all of the tools do and then determining which order they need to be applied to get the desired ball design. My one gripe with the game is that it's impossible to know what the tools do until you test them out, and when you test them out for the first time, you're definitely going to use them incorrectly, which means you're definitely going to lose balls. When you run out of balls, you have to start completely over from the first ball design, which is a harsh punishment for losses that could not possibly have been avoided. It would be nice to have some sort of level select or save function, or just some way to test out what the new tools without being penalized.


i could pass level 9


excellent, well-thought game. i finally beat it!


level 9 is like realy hard...................

can anyone pass it.

good for passing time

got stumped on lvl 26 though, but still a good game