Reviews for "factory balls"

Loved it

Very original, great appropriate graphics, logic-challenging gameplay! It is a bit short though, and the fact that you can never get any more balls makes the trash option a delayed end-game-now button; until the ball extensions come along there's no need to waste them, and if you make one misstep later on, you have no choice but to waste it. Other than that small problem, it was great, hope you at least placed in whatever contest or test you made it for.


I like factories. I like balls. I approve of this game.


this game need more to it and the spots part you have to make you need 2 change that bu it was challangimg

Great Game, more please

well that is one hell of a great game i would like a little more, as it is a bit short first play through and i got stuck on the last one with two balls left this time i did it all the way with out fail. like i said great game just need to be a little longer for more of a challenge


Help me I'm stuck!