Reviews for "Comic-Con 2008 Poster"


Great artwork, awesome flash. I mean, I know the point of this was to awe people, just to garner some appreciation for the poster (so, mission accomplished). Fortunately, I think you had a good idea that couldn't have been much more fleshed out. I was a bit orgasmic when I clicked on a character and was simply redirected to another page; after all, everbody and his mom and NG veterans are really going to appreciate this, but a NG vet should already know all of those series. So, I have to ask, who isn't this is for?

That aside, I think this flash is perfect and TSR is a dumbass:

- This flash is just to show off a poster.
- NG users are not stupid and know where to look for good flash via collections, series, toons, portal, best of all time, games, etc.
- There is no need for a interactive tour of newgrounds. Newgrounds is not a country.
- JohnnyUtah is God and you didn't respect him at all in your post. The art in the flash should be, and has been in other flash, the main highlight.
- Last, WHY THE HELL DID YOU NEED TO WRITE 1000+ CHARACTERS OVER A DAMN PICTURE??? It was amazing. It doesn't need an explanation. Tom provided a pretty damn good one.

As it stands, this is comprehensive enough to benefit new visitors, and it is engaging enough to keep the attention of old ones. Then again, if you really just wanted to show off the artwork...I just wasted a helluva lotta time, huh? (No fucking way! Really?)

Anyway, viva la Newgrounds! (From what?)

Very cool.

It's great. I like the idea that you made it so that it could be clicked and we could learn more on the characters. Just a suggestion: maybe you could make it like the Staff Page header...nah. That would require changes lol. Nevermind. xD! Great job. :)


Man, I wish I had some plastic so i could buy this poster.



For the poster and it's essentially a resource for people to see flash animations and games they have never played or seen before (like a collection) awesome stuff like Mr. Coo and Nameless. Any who loved it! :)

good job on the poster its awsome