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Reviews for "Ryu vs. Ken"


It's a good start you have! I'm a fellow sprite artist, so if you ever need help, ask me. I'm always there (that includes any one else!).

But yeah, this was pretty good!
5/5 and 10/10

Good luck with future submissions friend!


nice one

Let's see...

Okay, now that was pretty good, the animation wasn't always smooth but I liked it overall and it was long enough. As expected, Ryu won, a pity for a Ken Masters fan like me, hahaha.

Keep going, you can get better and make some really awesome fights is you keep working this hard.

Deadpoolfan01 responds:

I wanted Ken to win so bad! but he lost when i did the coin flip. Maybe next time Ken...he's one of my favs as well.

its good and all

but i didnt watch all of it. its not that it sucked it was very good ill give u full everything its just that my computer is crap and needs to fall in a well and get AIDS so itll just get finished off with its other 3114 viruses aka theyre not from me from my little brother anyway im goin off topic so ya it was great


do you saw MK vs. SF 3? your flash have the same music, and SF characters. But its still good flash 7 from me, I'm waiting for new one (hope the better)

Deadpoolfan01 responds:

i just did and its strange indeed. The song i used was called Hall of Fate ...the one used there is called Hall of Fate~ Ressurection. its longer and more smooth.