Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


Really great game i agree with everyone on the groewing part it would be alot cooler if you could be the biggest one but.... Your alien fish looks like an angry sperm which makes me laugh so it makes the game even more entertaining!! Good Job

this roks so hard

this is an awsome game

yellow pill

i think it let u be able to eat anything for a short time no matter what the size

Yellow Pills...

should make you a little bit bigger, and, the more you eat, the bigger your enemies get (you can eat the ones that were previously bigger than you, but bigger ones spawn eventually).

one of the best games on ng

seriously this is amazing every thing about it is great the music and the art style are great the game play is great i cant think of much to say bad about it

jjwallace responds:

hey thanks, i cannot wait to get enough free time to finish up the sequel.. i plan on remaking the whole thing with better graphics, gameplay and extra stuff..