Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


This Game is a really good game, in terms of gameplay, amongst others. I really like the background music and I think that the game is possibly the best game in this kinda category that I've played in a long time.

As mentioned by some others, the fish should really grow bigger as you eat more, since it is natural, and it would improve the game. (instead of constantly running from those bigger fish.)

Yellow pill.. well, I think the yellow pill should make the fish "evolve"into a bigger form, perhaps looking a bit different to make the game a tad more instersting.


this game deservs more than 1s and 2s it was pretty fun and i liked the idea where you could fly but there was no time telling when the wings left and it gets annoying being chased by 4-6 bigger pac-man things, if you make another i suggest maybe growing over time and/or evolving as for the yellow pill maybe just make you bigger for a certain amount of time anyways keep up the good work

great game

fun idea, great music and i love when you cath diferent powers
and those big fishes are crazy

good but can be better...

It would be good to put some shop and evolution points and put different ways of evolution like flying,big,fast etc. ,add lives so you don't have to start all over for one mistake and pause option would be great besides that great and addictive game

I loved it the game ever since it came out! but Where can I find the awesome title song?? I searched the names in 'info' but couldn't find it