Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


but i couldnt play cause my left and up keys dont work at the same time

jjwallace responds:

dude, thats a bummer! it should work on most computer fine.. is it a mac? i wana figure out why its doing that, so i can make sure next time it wont glitch out

Nice, kinda trippy too!

I like the way the game was paced to the music (the chomping was anyway) large replay value, and nice graphics for the music. As for your yellow pill, why not make it like a 'grow' pill that gives you like 10-30 seconds of giantness to eat the big fish out of the water.

tempest1 has a good idea, so im just gunna copy it

so to make it stand out more ....

also had a great idea about the orange pill >_>
maybe you can give every different fish different abilitys (for example the jellyfish can make a static field where the big fish can't come close to him) And when you first eat the yellow pill and then any fish, you're getting his ability.

nope non of those NeonBlueShadow

its 200 points that's it

there's the pink wings that you have to jump for to fly and the purple boost pill there 50 points a pot


was my high score :) I love the purple pills and yellow ones, good game :)