Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

Learn from fishy

Its a kewl game, but it could use some avancement for the fish, like a grow function.


this game feels way too much like flow's gametype and the "grow" idea from other people is in another game but it doesnt have this type of gameplay, i feel its unoriginal, sorry.

jjwallace responds:


Amazing, but...

...let us grow! This would make the game even better than it already is. I really liked the song, the visual, the colors, really nice, different, but please, let us grow! XD

jjwallace responds:

im working on the next one.. you can grow in that one..

Yellow Pills...

should make you a little bit bigger, and, the more you eat, the bigger your enemies get (you can eat the ones that were previously bigger than you, but bigger ones spawn eventually).

The Yellow Pill

Its pretty simple really. Just make the yellow pill make you x10 (or something to that extent) in size temporarily so you can eat the guys that usually swallow you up whole.