Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

great game, im already addicted to it XD

i think the yellow pill should be eaten to allow the bigger fish to be eaten, like a rage kind of thing where ya go in sane and eat everything on screen. like some others have said, you could try adding a mutation or graowth system in the game, it doesnt really matter though, its still a great game, good work

love it

the yellow pill should give you invinciblity


This game is awesome...I luv it...but still borin on some parts like restarting over again after dying...

yellow pill

i think the yellow pill should make you grom bigger if u eat 10 of it. it was an awsome game and i loved it


With just a couple little tweaks, this could be awesome. Perhaps some kind of growth or mutation, along with a save feature so you don't lose everything when you're eaten; maybe when you die, your 'offspring' continues, with some percentage of the size & ability of your beastie?