Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

hella fun

just wanted my fish to grown bigger


I agree somewhat with jbruddy. The main character should grow as you eat. Also The yellow capsule, if you're not going to make the main character grow, make the yellow capsule an invincibilty or a bomb to get rid of those larger than you.
I liked the game very much, in fact I'll play again.

Good game, but lacks key basics

I love it, great design, good pacing, etc....but games where the main character eats things in the sea should either have the main character get bigger as it eats more...or should have some sort of spin on that device, like changing into something else if you eat a chemical, etc.

Secondly...and this goes for all games...ALL MUSIC MUST BE OPTIONAL. It can be a deal-breaker for those who play games with other programs running on the computer.


One of those games you can get lost in. Maybe the yellow pill could attract little creatures to you for a while, or give you a single-use horn that kills a big fish.


What a great game. It is so addictive but what is with the face that pops up at the score screen? I think the yellow pil should make you be able to eat the big guys for 20 seconds.