Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


I can't even move this is just shit

jjwallace responds:

no shit fool newgrounds is taken a crap or something, problem with the upload.. i have not touch this shit for like 3 days and now it broke

It was good...

...until you did whatever it was you did. You probably should've saved the invincibility and growth for a sequel or a follow-up instead of cramming them into the original.

If you have the original version of this, swap it back until you get the errors resolved in this version. And beta test it before you repost the new version; you want to make sure your finished product works before introducing it to the masses.

I'm giving the 9 to the game as it was previously. It was a good concept with good execution. A little tinkering with the features, and it could be better. But all the features in the world won't do anyone any good if they don't work. Again, change it back, keep working, beta test.


Yesterday, this game was awesome, but now it doesn't work...


It might be better if the controls actually worked.

jjwallace responds:

no shit fool


I want to try this out but atm the movement controls are not functioning...and why am i able to type in the right bottom screen?! O_o