Reviews for "Twilight Surface"


this is to be honest the best ABSTRACT (people always say "this is the best ive ever seen" but im just pointing out this the best abstract piece) piece ive ever seen its very thoughtful and well made, the water physics and effects are brilliant, the water fighting was also nice aswell, nice work

MarcK responds:

Thanks, buddeh! :3

BRILLIANT. That's a new adjective I've been told. Thanks.


but still a pass, nice work

MarcK responds:

Odd means bad. You racist.

That was great!

I loved that! It was wonderful! Artistic and abstract, yet simple. It was a great work in my eyes. Time and effort well paid off! That other animation that beat you in the comp must have been pretty pro. Nice work! ^^

MarcK responds:

They're on newgrounds. Hyperanimation and Mischief Melee. Thanks for your review and vote! I appreciate it.

Pretty Nice

It was pretty good, very abstract and fun.
I liked the music, thank the maker of it for me, and the animation was nice and smooth. I would have given it a 10 except that it was a bit too short, and the water lacked color, but either way, you did good.

MarcK responds:

It was black and white. Another part of the abstract artsy style I was going for. I would have continued duration, but could not. :( Oh well.

i don,t know what to say

it was awesome

MarcK responds:

Speechlessness? I'm speechless that someone is speechless.