Reviews for "Twilight Surface"


Very rad flash, great work.

MarcK responds:

Thanks, buddeh! Rad is nice!

damn good flash!

it was relaxing, it was what i was looking for!
man, this is what makes a bad day good, it made me feel better, i was mad at the time i started to wach, but when it was over, i was relaxing.

i also liked the quote, it was a good one, seems to fall right in place, i guess i can see why the other people do not like it... the reson why is that thay did not think about it.

keep up the work!

also, i have added this to my "hit list", where i give it a full 5 every time i log in for a whole month!

oh, and also, i loved thay way it moves, it was VERY well made!

good luck!, luck is alwase good, it is where smarts and timeing fall into place, or where you find the penny under the seat!

MarcK responds:

Dude. Fucking thank you. You have no idea how awesome it feels to read a review like this. Thank you for liking it, and thank you for the huge support.



omg like twilight surface it's so good it makes me cum my pants i've seen it at least like 15 times already, for reals dog this is the good stuff and the quote omg own to the max.

MarcK responds:

Lol thanks, buddeh. You're leik, in the credits!


u had me till the quote

it was all good until the quote hit me and all i remember is he lived out in the middle of nowhere for a while on walden farm or something

MarcK responds:

The author of the quote has nothing to do with it. =/ lol.

Thanks for liking it until you hit the part with substance. XD

Very artistic

l liked the animation style and the general idea of the flash..nice work indeed!

MarcK responds:

Thank you, sir. Nice review indeed.