Reviews for "Twilight Surface"


Kitsune, youre a poophead, make it less boring by adding yellow,

MarcK responds:

Lol. Thanks Audix. XD

I'm sorry.

hey kitsune ^^

this is totally different from your works from spp, i acctually liked the style, and the animation kinda reminds me of avatar.. anyways it's still great and i love it.

MarcK responds:

It can be related to avatar, but that's not what I was going for.

Thanks, Java. See you on spp.

Yay a 10. :P


Great to finally be able to see this on Newgrounds! I still think that this was an incredibly detailed, well key-framed animation. Great Job!

MarcK responds:




A treat for the eyes

This was beautifully made and one of those that can be interpreted any which way, lovely!

MarcK responds:


Awesome. Thank you.

Nicely made

but it is only fun when you are fan of the genre or you hae used some kind of drugs and make you laugh about everything but this rating is for the outstanding graphics the largest amount of details in the few things that where in the movie

MarcK responds:

Thank you! I understand what you mean. Thanks for the understanding, and the rating