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Reviews for "TL - Braveheart [REMIX][wip]"

weeell done :)

You have got to make a full version of this ! :) well done :D

TeHLoY responds:

Maybe in the future. Really busy now.

make the bagpipe version (regular version)

I *definitely* think you should either make a longer version or turn this into a loop. You may not have seen the movie, but Braveheart certainly is one of my favorite movies. Hearing this tune in trance is actually pretty awesome. I almost instantly downloaded it. (I had to finish listening to it first.)
Also, the bagpipe suggestion wasn't bad; I kind of wonder how it would sound altered in a similar way.

Excellent work!

Oh please, PLEASE make a full-length version of this! This is farkin' BRILLIANT!

Fucking amazing job dude. Sent chills down my spine and made me feel funky at the same time <3