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Reviews for "SSBB Collab"


Whats up yo. Kick ass movie with kick ass animation and such. Kinda short but still cool.I liked the part with the Luigi and Mario fight.
Oh also, when exporting you could have made the JPG quality much higher, as the movie was only like 2 MB.

YK-Blaze responds:

it wasn't in my control the JPG quality didn't seem to rise even though i put it on 100%.
glad you liked it..even though the score sucks. O_O


u were rly short on people sry dude bu l had too vote 0 its just that this isnt acollab with three people welll for me it is nothing.

YK-Blaze responds:

theres more then 3 people you dumbass...and so what if it's not a "collab" as you claim, you shouldn't vote "0" because its not a collab.. so abusive

Mor sound effects!e

The flash basically is ok but it would be better if you add more sound effects and music! Oh and I recognise that explosion from metal slug anywhere!