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Reviews for "SSBB Collab"


welll.... you should work on it a little more
don't you think that 2?
any way GREAT piece of art but don't use jpeg images

Have a great time


I also noticed the JPEG quality. Could be worked on. And also as said before no sound effects. I cant add you to my buddy list for some reason. Oh well.

all rounded, good collab

Well, I love the mega epic final destination music, and it went pretty well with the whole thing. Not a mssive fan of sprites, especially bad quality images (i.e JPEGs are horrible in a flash movie), but this was pretty good. However, Kirby could own Meta-knight in a brawl. Seriously. Also, maybe the templae stage instead of the super smash flash stage would have been better. Or even the pokemon stadium, its on his website!

Next time...

Dont use jpeg images in your videos. They bleed.


I don't realy like it. There are no Brawl stages, only characters...