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Reviews for "Inquisitive Dave"

Cool game

cool game, but it was too easy... still fun though

@stroyer1: Ctrl+w does close the window/tab, but if your focussed on the Flash animation then it shouldn't close your window. Also, arrow keys and space is the best keyboard config imo

@Anti-U: I don't think there is a glitch... after you beat the boss for the first time it goes through an animation sequence showing what you've done so far...

Extremely well put together.

I want to congratulate you on a fantastic game. The game play wasn't exactly original, but the game itself was extremely fun and a great idea. The whole system thing was a bit confusing, and a tad bit draw out, but it was still great! I absolutely love retro style games, and this one has all my 5/5! I hope to see more game like this from you in the future, because I thoroughly enjoyed it. :D

Very fun.

Some glitches, yes. A climax that went on for too long, yes. Reminded me of Runescape, yes. But aside from that, quite excelent, and I loved your commentary on things you find along the way.

Instant cult classic...

Ah... the classic existential abyss.... Absolutely magnificent!

wooo!i loooove this game ,5th time playing it never gets bad ,i request to those who have played it already....TO FRIEKEN PLAY IT AGAIN!!