Reviews for "Inquisitive Dave"

Kinda I-Think-Outta-Box-You-See? Game

IMHO it's well made game, but this is where it ends.
Character? Nothing interesting.
Music? Turned sound off, because it was bugged by me.
Graphics? I personally don't like these pixelated things, but that's really just my taste.
Gameplay? Well, it's simple and smooth, which is good by this type of game. I think the dying parts are just annoying (Alnuts - or what was it called - joke is good, but rest of the game the waiting there - even short - is annoying). From releasing the wizard, the game is pointless, those every-jump-a-quote parts really pissed me off, you play like being a big philosopher and it takes just long boring time. Nothing new, nothing interesting, not even funny.
Jokes? Well yeah, the game is kinda funny... first 30 seconds. Jokes are cheap, hundered-times used. As I said - Alnuts got point, and that quote about keys are half a mile from here as well. That's all I think.

My advice? Never make the game longer than you were planning to, stay where you started and if you begin to like a new style, create another game. Make another one p'n'c adventure, make it really point'n'click (with MOUSE), make it smooth with nice graphics, work about those jokes more (The Three Skulls Of The Toltecs) and you'll rock maybe.
Wishing good luck in future projects.

Not being able to use the mouse?

Not being able to use the mouse? That could be improved.


its hard and kinda easy its not ummm o man i wash i could spell um or forget it

sorry but this sucks donkey balls



It was kinda fun until it tried really really really really hard to be like the matrix. Dont get me wrong I love the name (hints my car's name being Trinity) but this just tried way to hard. :-0-8