Reviews for "Inquisitive Dave"

Good Adventure

I liked it a lot , the way to beat the end boss was good :D


Great game man...
Loved the graphics...
Loved the feel of it...
Just a great game all around.


this gamed kicked ass

great game my brotha, i like the end battle the most, dope premise.. 10 outta 10


Fantastic game, kept me amused all the way through and also got you thinking towards the end, kudos to you for that!
I was stuck on getting the West Key for a long time, probably around 30 minutes just wandering round.. go to the water and use the two cookery items to "thcken" the water.
The boss has a really unique way of being beaten, extremely hard to find without help, so at the VERY end, after the mirrors battle of course. Just stand behind the wall and dont move, he will claim he is losing his powers and then urges you to show yourself, dont move until he fades out and a cloud appears.

Graphics and gameplay were so right for this game, and he appeared to look happy when jumping :P Great, just great


This has to be one of my favourite adventure games. So well-thought, especially the Matrix feeling at the end. The music was quirky, and the description of the items along the way was quite witty. And, as the other guys below me said-make a damn sequel already! This game is too good to not morph into a series!