Reviews for "Inquisitive Dave"

Returning, because...

I remember this game being great, but couldn't remember why...it seems like a
standard platformer, which it is, but still... PLAY TO THE END!

No problemo.

If there is a 2nd installment of Inquisitive dave, i shall play it once more. this is the pixel game that won't age. not even a bit. Inquisitive dave. more like Dangerous Dave.


i cannot pass where the ghost

Philospohical Platforming!!

Made my brain jump along with all the platforms. Fantastic game!! Love the dialogue after the boss...and to be honest, I actually got a little scared playing.

GREAT game people. Def. consier playing it...all the way to the END END...

Awesome game!

Two little things though:
There's a bug, which can be encountered after defeating the wizard for the first time. After you've defeated him, you need to jump up, if you go there left somewhere and fall down, you have to beat him again.
Also, there is a bit too much dialogue to my taste. Kinda annoying to have to see three sentences with every jump (after the first battle)
But really cool nonetheless, nice job dude!!!